Baby Jumble buyers (lovers of all things nearly new!)

Buying stuff for babies and children can be very expensive and often they have a habit of growing out of things before they’ve even had the chance to grow into them. Our local Baby Jumble sales in London give you the opportunity to buy quality pre-loved baby & toddler items, all for a fraction of the price that you’d pay on the high street or on-line.

We are a fussy bunch here at Baby Jumble, so we only allow nice quality nearly new items to be sold at our local sales. Entrance to our events is just £2.50 for each family – and 25% of that goes to charity – so even the thriftiest of parents can justify it and feel good about coming along!

Top tips for successful buying at our local baby, toddler & children sales

  • The early bird catches the worm – we recommend you arrive early
  • Get organised – write a list of the items that you’d like to buy
  • No money, no honey – bring plenty of cash, as our sellers don’t have access to card machines
  • Ask questions – ‘if you don’t ask, you’ll never learn’, as my mum used to say
  • Request a demo – baby kit in particular can be a little intimidating to the uninitiated, so ask the seller to give you a demo of how to use that sling or pram you’d like to buy
  • We Baby Jumblers are a friendly bunch – a smile may even win you a better deal 🙂
  • Bag up – taking a large bag or granny wheelie will mean that you don’t end up with lots of carrier bags….plus it’s good for the environment – hooray!
  • Bring a friend – having a friend or your partner in tow means that they can help to carry all of your goodies – especially if you’re pregnant and can hardly carry yourself!

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