Crofton Park nearly new baby sale – 8 November 2014

Saturday 8 November, 2 – 4pm
St Hilda’s Church Hall, Courtrai Road (off Brockley Road), SE23 1PL


Looking to sell?
> £22 per table
> set up from 1.15pm (no later than 1.30) for a 2pm start

> 2 people per table (so you can split the table cost with a friend!)
> plenty of parking by the venue
> table cost includes space to the side for a larger item or clothes rail (please bring your own rail)
> optional ‘leave behind’ charity service – anything donated goes to the local charity Wandsworth Oasis


Looking to buy?
> just turn up on the day! The sale runs from 2 – 4pm
> only £2.50 entrance per family, 25% donated to Wandswoerth Oasis
> plenty of stalls with good quality nearly new baby and toddler’s clothes, toys and equipment
> coffee, tea and cake

Please note, we only take payment via Paypal and when you book a table, you are agreeing to Baby Jumble’s Terms & Conditions