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Baby Jumble revisited: top tips from a seller and why Baby Jumble is good enough to do twice!

Sarah is from North London and booked a table at the East Finchley nearly new sale last year. Read her top tips for sellers and why she decided to come along and do it all again…

Which Baby Jumble nearly new sale did you sell at?
The East Finchley sale last September

And what prompted you to come along?
When you first become a parent you don’t realise how quickly your child grows out of clothing and toys and I soon realised that I had lots of beautiful, almost new clothing, shoes and toys that no longer fitted or were played with. As the pile kept growing and the storage space became less I knew that I had to do something – and fast! Like most families these days, times are hard and I realised that perhaps I could sell things on to other families and make some of my money back. I really liked the sound of Baby Jumble and how all the money you made was yours.

Who did you come with?
I came with my best friend who has a slightly older child than mine. It worked out really well as we split the table cost.

What did you enjoy about the event?
It was a great atmosphere. Everyone was really friendly and the selling part was lots of fun.

What did you find sold well?
I found that boys clothing sold really well.

Did anything surprise you about the event?
Just how much fun it was. I came thinking it might be quite stressful but left with a big smile and some cash in my back pocket!

You have booked a table at the next East Finchley sale – why have you decided to come back and sell again?
It proved a good way of making some extra money – useful for buying the next stage of clothing and toys.

Have you got any advice for sellers?
Make sure your table looks tidy and presentable and clearly label your clothing. I packaged things in clear bags and put outfits together, which went down well.

What about advice for buyers?
Keep coming and keep buying!

Bach to Baby – for parents missing & craving their musical fixes!!

One of the things that I’m missing as a new mum is the chance to see live music. Baby Fred is pretty flexible, but I suspect that he’d object if I strapped him to me and headed out to a late night gig, spoilsport that he is!

I was therefore thrilled to hear about Bach to Baby. Whilst classical music isn’t necessarily my first choice of music genre, tending to favour music with a few more electronic beats, an opportunity to hear talented musicians play live is a winner for me.

Bach to Baby has been set up by the brilliant pianist Miaomiao Yu, who wanted to perform for her son in a concert setting,  but found that it was pretty unrealistic, particularly due to the late nights. Bach to Baby was conceived from the idea that there must be an opportunity to play to him and his friends at a kid friendly time.

Rather than just performing in small scale community halls across London, the venues have been carefully chosen for their atmosphere. Many of the events take place in churches which tend to add to the sense of occasion, as well as offering impressive acoustics.

Back in February I went along to the Clapham concert in St Luke’s Church. Initially it felt quite surreal. My experience of babies and churches is that there’s usually a desperate desire to keep the little ones quiet, so as not to detract from the service for everyone else. So to see the church full of happy, noisy babies and pre-schoolers was very refreshing. Once the music started most of the babies were both mesmorised and enthralled by the music. My own wee man Fred felt inspired to babble along noisily to the music. I suspect that he may have inherited his mum’s tone deafness, but no one flinched and his babbling seemed to be totally appropriate and in-keeping with the spirit of the event. The older kids in attendance also got up and had a bit of a dance.

From my perspective, I actually found the whole experience to be quite meditative….thoroughly switching off and tuning into the sounds being played. It’s certainly not my usual reaction when participating in baby classes/activities, so the opportunity to sit back and relax a bit was really appreciated.

Tickets are £10 per adult and kids go free. Whilst not the cheapest of baby activities around for us Baby Jumblers, it’s certainly compares favourably to a gig or concert. Plus if you sign up for more concerts there are discounts available.

Overall I’d say that Bach to Baby is a winner for both parents and babies. Do have a nosy on their website to see if there is a concert taking place near you. It’s well worth attending.

PS. A lovely new venue has just been confirmed. Concerts will now also be taking place at the beautiful Lauderdale House Continue reading