The birds & the bees

We have another guest blog from our lovely friend Jo Avery on how to handle THAT tricky question from your little one.

Do you worry about how you’re going to handle the, ‘where do babies come from mummy?’ conversation?

I’ve been dreading it.

I remember finding out, aged 8 from Sarah Martin at school.

I was disgusted. That night in the bath I said to my mum, ‘BUT YOU DID IT TWICE!’ in horror.

My four year old started this conversation the other morning.

‘When you and daddy got married was I in your belly?’


‘How did I get in your belly?’

‘You were made with love, a seed and an egg and you became a baby.’

… ‘Did I come out of your private parts?’


‘Did everyone laugh?’

‘No. I didn’t have an audience, but a nurse came to help. Some people have to have their bellies cut open to get the baby out.’

‘With scissors?’

‘Not with scissors. A knife.’

‘I’m never having a baby. What’s for breakfast?’

The facts of life at 7.50am. Done.

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